Hair loss is frustrating for many men, but you don’t have to live with this unwelcome sign of aging. At Gents Doctor in Los Angeles, California, Majid Sabour, MD, and the men’s health team use a variety of hair restoration solutions to reverse hair loss. They offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, and exosomes to help you look and feel years younger. Schedule an appointment by calling their Beverly Hills office or booking online today.

Hair Restoration Q&A

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration at Gents Doctor uses natural, innovative treatments to reverse hair loss associated with aging in men. Thinning hair can take a toll on your self-confidence and overall appearance, but the Gents Doctor team is here to help by offering PRP, stem cells, and exosomes to stimulate hair regrowth naturally.

What causes thinning hair?

Hair loss in men often results because of the natural aging process and genetic factors. However, thinning hair can also occur because of hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, stress, certain medications, and some medical conditions and treatments. Gents Doctor gets to the root cause of hair loss to find the most appropriate solution.

What are the benefits of hair restoration?

Some of the many benefits associated with hair restoration at Gents Doctor include:

  • Reversed hair loss
  • Fuller, thicker hair
  • More self-confidence
  • A younger-looking appearance

Hair restoration can make you look and feel years younger, improving your self-esteem and overall quality of life.

What are my hair restoration treatment options?

To find out if hair restoration is right for you, your Gents Doctor specialist reviews your medical history, examines your skin and hair, and discusses your desired outcome. They might recommend you undergo blood tests to detect or rule out nutritional deficiencies, low testosterone, and other hormone imbalances.

Your personalized hair restoration treatment might include:


PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, contains growth factors present in your blood. Your provider can isolate PRP from the rest of your blood after taking a blood sample from your arm and spinning it in a centrifuge. They inject PRP into targeted areas of your scalp to regenerate cells and stimulate hair growth.

Stem cells

Like PRP, stem cells can also stimulate hair growth. Donated stem cells can regenerate into many other types of cells within your body. Your doctor injects stem cells into targeted areas of your scalp to achieve the best outcome.


Exosomes are extracellular vesicles released naturally by mesenchymal stem cells. Like stem cells and PRP, exosomes stimulate new cell production to help reverse hair loss associated with aging.

PDO threads

PDO threads are biocompatible threads your provider inserts underneath your skin to complete a non-surgical facelift. The threads stimulate collagen and elastin production to improve the overall appearance of your skin over time. Your Gents Doctor provider might recommend PDO threads separately or in combination with hair restoration.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

If you experience low testosterone or other hormone imbalances associated with hair loss, the Gents Doctor team might recommend you undergo hormone replacement therapy to normalize your hormone levels and reduce thinning hair.

Growth hormone

Growth hormone naturally decreases with age. If you struggle with hair loss, your Gents Doctor provider might recommend you receive growth hormone injections to help you look and feel years younger.

Don’t live with hair loss and other signs of aging when simple, noninvasive hair restoration solutions are within reach at Gents Doctor. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book online today.